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If you’re thinking of upgrading your HVAC before cold weather sets in here is the most energy efficient solution – BioSmart zoned in-wall infrared heating. Green technology made for the discriminating builder or homeowner.

  • Uses half the BTU’s to heat the same area as an HVAC system.
  • Heat only the rooms that you want to heat, when you want to heat them.
  • Heat each room evenly to the desired temperature from floor to ceiling without cold spots.
  • Each heater operates on its own separate millivolt thermostat, WiFi thermostat, Smart thermostat, or wireless centralized computer monitoring system. You decide.
  • BioSmart infrared heaters destroy bacteria and virus in the room without drying out the air.
  • Ideal for infants and older aged people with upper respiratory issues.
  • Rooms feel more comfortable at lower temperatures because of the characteristics (wavelength) of infrared heat.
Save 5%
when you buy 2-4 InWall heaters.

Save 10%
With our whole house packages of 5 or more InWall heaters
and recieve a free Honeywell thermostat for each heater.

Heater specifications and thermostat options. Click Here

Want more reasons to go BioSmart:

  • Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! – 3 fan system is whisper quiet – 16-18 dB.
  • Cheaper installation cost compared to HVAC or Heat Pumps.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Longer lifetime service history than HVAC or split systems. Built to last 20 years.
  • More efficient in cold weather than a split system.
  • No more duct work
  • No more maintenance
  • No more fossil fuels