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Why Infrared Heat

The Theory of Infrared Radiation and the related technologies of far infrared heat generation are new to many who are considering using far infrared heating sources. Infrared should not be confused with ultraviolet or any other form of dangerous radiation. It is actually used in many different commercial and consumer applications such as incubators in nursery wards, far infrared saunas, and even far infrared clothing. The human body itself radiates heat in the form of far infrared waves and the sun warms the earth by infrared rays.

How far infrared relates to the body

sunbathing in infrared heatImagine sunbathing at the beach. When the sun is out you can feel its heat warming your body, but if a cloud moves in and momentarily blocks the sun, you feel a slight chill — the absence of infrared waves absorbing into your skin. This is because although the air temperature itself has not had time to cool, the cloud is preventing the infrared rays of the sun from reaching you.

Infrared is a section, or “band” of invisible light found in the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s a form of radiant heat that can also be called “infrared energy.” About 80% of the sun’s rays actually fall into this part of the spectrum and this is the part that warms your skin when the sun’s rays hit you.

Far infrared is the region of the infrared band where wave frequencies measure between 5.5 – 15 microns. This is considered the region that is most harmonious with the human body and the most effective at producing heat. BioSmartĀ® far infrared heaters produce energy waves in this therapeutic far infrared range.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

far infrared heat on the electromagnetic spectrum

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