BioSmart infrared inwall heater with catBioSmart® in-wall heaters produce a warm moist infrared heat that is both soothing and comforting. There is no danger that one could get too close to the source since the infrared heat wave has already been modulated to a safe and therapeutic wavelength and diffused before entering the room.

The internal operating temperature is controlled by a series of high-limit switches and the design parameters of the ceramic elements themselves prevent/restrict the units from posing any type of fire hazard. Unlike conventional furnace systems that rely upon a gas flame to produce the heat that is extracted from the heat chamber, there are no fumes or flames associated with a BioSmart® ceramic infrared heaterwhich makes it a much safer all around alternative to HVAC systems. Since a heat exchanger and ductwork is not required on a ceramic infrared heater, there is no energy loss. Ceramic infrared heaters are almost 100% efficient at converting clean electrical energy into clean radiant infrared energy.