Infrared Blankets – Health Benefits

The BioSmart Infared Blanket was designed not only to be comfortable, but also to deliver safe and therapeutic heat in a way that is consistent with how your body works naturally and thereby promotes higher quality sleep.

Studies show that sleep deprivation is the number one suspected reason for premature aging. Additionally, as you get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for your body to rejuvenate properly during sleep, and this can dramatically affect your health. Recent studies have also found that by raising the core body-temperature by just 1/2 degree, the sleep-cycle of elderly people was dramatically improved.

Health Benefits of Far Infrared Heaters

Non-polluting BioSmartĀ® far infrared heat is healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient than any other source of heat. Far infrared heat provides many of the benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous effects of UV radiation. Hospitals use therapeutic infrared heat in their incubators for newborn babies. Best of all, heating with far infrared does not add pollutants into the environment, and does not deplete oxygen or dry out the air.

Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

Most of us take our health somewhat for granted in our early decades, which is the time when our behavior can very easily help determine our later state of health as the years pass. Long-term health is created by avoiding health risks in our youth and middle age, and is an investment that must be made early to generate the greatest benefits later in our lives. An air purifier is an easy way to contribute to long term health.