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On Wall Heaters

  • BioSmart® Far Infrared Heaters use the industry’s most advanced technology.
  • Our Far Infrared Heaters provide soft, balanced, therapeutic infrared heat.
  • BioSmart® is committed to improving energy usage with high-efficiency products.


On-Wall Heaters – Ceramic Far Infrared Technology

The BioSmart On-Wall Far Infrared Heater combines the efficiency of our in-wall ceramic infrared technology with the portability of our portable infrared heaters. Ceramic infrared emitters are 14% more efficient than quartz infrared emitters to give you the maximum efficiency for your heating dollars.

The BioSmart On-Wall heater has all the features of our top-of-the-line portable heater, with High & Low power options, full digital thermostat, delayed start timer, remote control and automatic restart in case of a power outage. It also includes BioSmart’s patented advanced air purification technology that can be run independent of the heater. The BioSmart® Air Purification component is designed to provide effective protection against airborne bacteria, viruses, allergens, VOCs, smoke, odors, and gaseous contaminants utilizing our patented 3-stage air purification system:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Emitter
    Kills airborne viruses, bacteria and micro organisms
  • TiO2 Photo-Catalyst Hydroxyl Radicals
    More effective and safer than ozone at destroying contaminants and hydrocarbons
  • Negative Ion Generator
    Neutralizes free-radicals & has numerous health benefits

Installation is easy — simply hang it on the wall with the included mounting bracket, plug it in, set the temperature either on the heater itself or with the remote control and enjoy comfortable, therapeutic heat. It is virtually silent in its operation. The BioSmart On-Wall heater is exclusive to BioSmart and will pay for itself in just a few months! For more information, call 1-866-446-0500.

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