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Green Energy

BioSmart Heaters

BioSmart Technologies’ environmental work is based on the efforts to advance clean and efficient technologies while continuing to develop and improve emerging technologies.

Our technologies save up to 50% on your energy bill, produce clean heat without adding pollutants to the environment, and reduce landfill waste by manufacturing long-lasting products.

EcoBuilding Guild logoBioSmart Technologies is a proud sponsor of the local Eco Guild Organization. BioSmart & the Eco Guild are dedicated to assisting people with the knowledge and skills needed to live more sustainable, eco-friendly lives.

Green Benefits of Air Purification – BioSmart® Environmental Advantage Design

environmental-leadershipIn the design of the SA-700, great care was taken to select mechanical components of not only the highest performance and quality, but of great efficiency as well. Low-draw LED indicators, fluorescent UV bulbs, advanced scroll fans, and ultra-stable power supplies are just a few examples. This design philosophy creates one of the most incredible room air purifiers on the market, with the capability to process the air in a 650 square foot room, and yet consume less electricity than a standard light bulb. This is truly energy efficient air purification, and benefits both the environment as a whole and your personal home environment. That’s the BioSmart® Environmental Advantage!

Always On Guard

The BioSmart® SA-700 is a unique appliance because it is designed to work for you rather than to be used by you. Some devices, such as vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens, solve an immediate need, and are used intermittently as needed, but the BioSmart® SA-700 is different.

This is not a device that performs a task and is then finished, this is a device that alters and improves your environment continually. Used properly, it becomes a part of your home much as a piece of furniture would, and serves you without the need for monitoring or activity on your part. Occasional cleaning and filter replacement is all that is required, like changing the oil in your car.

The BioSmart® SA-700 features an automatic particulate sensor, and in automatic mode this remarkable unit can even increase its level of filtration to compensate for momentary occurrences of contamination in your home.

Amazingly, the electricity used by the BioSmart® SA-700 is astoundingly low considering how much work it does, so it is extremely economical to have functioning constantly, to maximum benefit.

When you add a BioSmart® SA-700 to your home, you can trust that it will always be on guard.