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Air Purifier Technology

Before you buy an Oreck Tower or Oreck ProShield air purifier, be informed about the air purifier technology that is in the leading products on the market. Making a sound choice relies on having the knowledge of how this technology works.

Infrared Heater Technology

BioSmart® far infrared heaters are industry leaders in infrared wave generation technology. The U.S. utility patents for the BioSmart® far infrared heater cover more than thirty claims that clearly define the engineering parameters that were utilized in the final heater design. It is the design parameters of the BioSmart® far infrared heater that set it apart from all other infrared heaters. In independent lab tests conducted on the BioSmart® far infrared heater and our competitor, the BioSmart® far infrared heater was 14% more efficient. The history of infrared technology has come a long way for each of these types of heaters: