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Clean Air

Clean Air – Patented Infrared Technology

BioSmart® Air Purification

The new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Platinum Edition Far Infrared Heater incorporates our own patented BioSmart® 5-stage Air Purification System to eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses, allergens, pathogens, VOCs, odors, smoke & toxic fumes.

5-Stage Air Purification System

  • Lifetime Electrostatic Pre-filter — traps dust and other particulates
  • UV Light — germicidal disinfection, kills airborne viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms
  • TiO2 Plate — TiO2 photo-catalyst hydroxyl radicals are more effective and safer than ozone at destroying contaminants and hydrocarbons
  • Negative Ion Generator — neutralizes free radicals & pollutants and has many health benefits
  • Optional Gas Absorption Cartridge* (sold separately) — solid hydrophobic carbon: absorbs smoke, gaseous contaminants, and VOCs

BioSmart® Breathe Easy Platinum Edition Far Infrared Heaters are designed to solve the age old problem associated with re-circulating indoor air during the winter months. The bacteria and viruses that cause illness are spread in many ways, including through contaminated air. One sneeze and everyone in the family gets to share the cough syrup. We all know what this means in time off from work, doctor visits and missed days at school.

The solution is in the new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Platinum Edition heater with BioSmart® Air Purification Technology. This air purification system is used in major hotels and is sold exclusively by BioSmart Technologies. Now the benefits of BioSmart® Air Purification have been incorporated into the new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Platinum Edition heater. The system is 100% effective up to 500 square feet and is controlled separately by on/off toggle switch on back of unit — the unit can run with or without the air purifier.

The BioSmart® air purification technology inside the new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Platinum Edition heater is a time-tested system that was first patented in 1987 by the founder of BioSmart Technologies. Subsequent patents have followed as the technology advanced through the years. The system consists of an electrostatic pre-filter; a gas-absorption cartridge* (optional) – for odor, smoke and other noxious gas removal; an ultraviolet light – for germicidal disinfection; a TIO2 membrane – for both germicidal and hydrocarbon breakdown; and an ionization module – for additional neutralization of pollutants, to increase the efficiency of heat transfer throughout the room and a host of therapeutic benefits including mood enhancement (winter blues). The air purification system can be turned on or off independently of the heat exchanger in the BioSmart® Breathe Easy Platinum Edition heater.

*gas absorption filter sold separately.