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Scroll Fan for BioSmart Portable Heaters

Compatible with all BioSmart Portable Heaters.Includes new silicon mounting grommets.


Scroll Fan for ComfortZone Portable Heaters

Scroll fan compatible with all ComfortZone heaters equipped with scroll fans.


Step-down Transformer

Compadible models: 2011 BIO-1500PA with 1300 RPM motor.
Step-Down transformer for Scroll fan


Temperature Sensor Guard

Compadible models: All BioSmart Portable HeatersTemp Sensor cover


UV Bulb

Compatible models: BIO-1500PA, Bio-1500FTA, Bio-1500 OWA. For both 120 and 220 volt units.UV Bulb - 6"


Breathe Easy Carbon Air Filter

BioSmart® Optional 5th Stage Carbon Gas Absorption Filter for Portable Heaters

  • Absorbs odors, smoke, gaseous contaminants, volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbons
  • Fits all BioSmart® portable heaters


Bio-Compact Replacement Filters 2-Pack

For the BIO-COMPACT Air PurifierIncludes two refills of the HEPA and Carbon filters, and one replacement of the PhotoCatalyst filter (TI02), and three refillable fragrance compartment filters.

Out of stock

SA700 Replacement Filter Pack

Replacement filter pack for the BIO-SA700


Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell thermostat for the BioSmart 1000 watt or 500 watt In-wall heaters.