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Parts & Service – BioSmart On-Wall Heaters

Please submit your inquiry and any relevant information regarding the issue with your BioSmart On-Wall heater in the box below and then click the “SEND” button. You will receive a response within 48 hours of your request. The response may be either a return email or telephone call depending upon the nature of the problem.

BioSmart Technologies provides warranty service and factory authorized parts for BioSmart On-Wall heaters purchased directly from us on our website. Our parts for these heaters carry BioSmart’s own manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials & workmanship.

BioSmart Technologies also provides warranty and replacement parts for BioSmart On-Wall heaters that were not purchased directly from us but were purchased through an authorized dealer.

BioSmart Technologies does not pay for shipping of warranty or replacement parts to customers or dealers. The only exception to this rule is warranty or defective parts in heaters sold through our own website which prove defective within the first 90 days of receipt by the original purchaser of the product.

BioSmart Dealers may refer their customers to us for customer service and warranty issues, however, BioSmart Technologies does not pay for shipping charges on heaters or warranty parts during the first 90 days unless the heater was purchased directly from us.

Warranty terms for BioSmart On-Wall heaters: Please refer to your owner’s manual for specific terms and conditions. In general, BioSmart warranties the ceramic infrared plates and fan motor in their on-wall heaters to the original purchaser for a period of five years. All other electrical parts are warrantied for a period of one year from date of purchase. PC Board failures and relay failures are usually the result of power outages and brown-outs. PC Board failures occurring after 30 days are most likely not caused by manufacturing defects although BioSmart stands behind them for one full year from date of purchase.

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