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Air Filtration Basics

What makes the BioSmart Air Filtration System so Special?

Welcome to Air Filtration Basics

Wouldn’t you be concerned if you knew that …
70% of the most damaging airborne pollutants are untouched by ionizers, UV, HEPA, & electrostatic precipitators?

“Particulate pollutants are relatively benign. Living microbes and toxic, airborne chemicals cause 70% of the damage, not particulates.” For reference: American Lung Association

So, what is good air filtration?

Good air filtration removes particles:

  • Large dust, ash, ~150μ – 1000μ
  • Pollen, pet dander, ~10μ – 150μ
  • Fine dust and ash, ~0.5μ – 50μ
  • HEPA filters at best stop at ~0.5μ
  • BioSmart Electrostatic removes particulates as small as ~0.05μ

Good air filtration kills/removes bacteria:

  • Size: ~0.2μ – 20μ
  • HEPA filters capture largest but kills few.
  • BioSmarat kills all Bacteria 98% – first pass.

Good air filtration removes tobacco smoke:

  • Ash: ~0.08μ – 4000μ
  • Vapor: ~0.0002μ – 0.02μ
  • HEPA filters remove largest tobacco ash but none of the vapors
  • BioSmart removes the ash and destroys smoke vapors

Good air filtration kills/removes viruses:

  • ~0.02μ – 0.4μ
  • HEPA filters can’t capture virus’ – they pass through the filter
  • BioSmart kills viruses – 98% on the first pass

Good air filtration removes pesticides, herbicides and airborne chemicals:

  • ~0.0008μ – 0.005μ
  • HEPA filters do not remove pesticides, herbicides, or airborne chemicals
  • BioSmart air filtration breaks down harmful airborne chemicals

Good air filtration removes VOCs & harmful exhaust fumes

  • ~0.0001μ – 0.008μ
  • HEPA filters cannot remove VOC’s or hartnful exhaust fumes
  • BioSmart air filtration breaks down VOC’s including nitrous oxide

Good air filtration creates no ozone using electrostatic precipitators or “cold plasma” generators.

The U.S. EPA says:

  • “Ozone is a toxic gas…vastly different…from oxygen.”
  • “…at concentrations not exceeding public [safety], ozone has little potential to remove indoor air contaminants.”
  • “Ozone does not remove particles from the air.”

BioSmart air filtration does not produce toxic ozone

Good air filtration requires ADDITIONAL TECHNOLOGY:

  • Electrostatic or HEPA Filtration (large particles)
  • Ultra Violet Radiation (kills microbes including bacteria and viruses)
  • TiO2 oxidizing agent in conjunction with UV radiation
  • Ionization (small particle filtration & “healthy air” generator)
  • HEPA filters are not adequate at removing the most harmful contaminates from indoor air

BioSmart Infrared Heaters contain the most effective air purification technology of any heater on the market. Only BioSmart Infrared Heaters utilize the BioSmart patented air purification system.