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Heat Type Comparison

Wavelength Chart

The easiest way to detect the wavelength of Infrared (IR) heaters is to determine the rate of absorption of the heat into specific objects and then compare the rate of absorption for various heaters to determine which ones are the most efficient at emitting the specific or intended wavelength. In this way it is possible…

Why Use a BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater

What Is Far Infrared Heat & How does it work? Far infrared heat, by virtue of its longer wave length, is able to penetrate solid objects faster than conventional radiant heat. The advantages of far infrared heat have been utilized for years as a therapeutic treatment for cardiovascular and general circulation problems. BioSmart heaters use…

Engineers Blog – Why buy Biosmart

What is the difference between a BioSmart infrared portable and a conventional infrared portable heater? The Inventor’s Perspective To understand the significance of the answer, a little background information is necessary. Far infrared radiation (FIR) is invisible and is beyond the ability of the naked eye to see. Far infrared radiation is considered to be…

What is an Energy Efficient Heater?

The term “energy efficient” has become common jargon when used to describe heating products. However, since it’s a relative term, it’s virtually meaningless unless one product is being specifically compared to another. For instance, when comparing electric heaters to fossil fuel heating systems, usually electricity is more efficient in the long run because the cost…

Advantages of BioSmart Infrared

All heaters generate infrared heat. In other words, all radiant heat is infrared heat. Therapeutic infrared heat is infrared heat that targets the 4-12 micron range of wavelengths because these wavelengths are most easily absorbed by water which is what the human body is primarily composed of. Measuring these wavelengths directly is virtually impossible with…

Infrared Heaters vs. Electric Fireplaces

Portable Infrared Heaters vs Electric Fireplaces banner

Infrared Heaters vs. Electric Fireplaces While electric fireplaces are a decorative alternative to a wood burning fireplace or pellet stove, they are not your most efficient heating option since they do not produce a heat wave that reaches the far infrared wavelength. Why is that important? For three reasons: Most electric fireplaces will only heat…