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What is an Energy Efficient Heater?

The term “energy efficient” has become common jargon when used to describe heating products. However, since it’s a relative term, it’s virtually meaningless unless one product is being specifically compared to another.

For instance, when comparing electric heaters to fossil fuel heating systems, usually electricity is more efficient in the long run because the cost of fossil fuels has risen much faster than the cost of electricity.

However, not all electric heaters generate an efficient form of heat!
In fact, did you know that most electric heaters generate the wrong type of heat? That’s right!

The most important factor that determines efficiency is the frequency (or bandwidth) of the heat generated. For example, although baseboard heaters and “PTC plate” heaters produce infrared heat, it is generated in a very inefficient bandwidth. In other words, they do not generate infrared heat in the far infrared range (4-12 microns). Far infrared waves are the most efficient at producing heat and are rapidly absorbed by water and by the human body. The natural humidity in the room carries the heat energy to every nook and cranny without any cold spots, and the heavier moist heat stays evenly distributed floor to ceiling, unlike other types of heat that pool uselessly near the ceiling.

Far Infrared heat is the most efficient way to warm the human body and heat a room.

In tests conducted in an insulated test booth with a starting temperature of 40F, using 1500 watt portable heaters of various brands, the BioSmart heaters raised the room temperature to 73F, 1.5 to 2 hours sooner than any of the other heaters tested. This included heaters with PTC plates and other infrared portable heaters claiming to be just as efficient as the BioSmart far infrared heaters.

Why are BioSmart Far Infrared Heaters one of the most efficient heaters on the market today?

When it comes to infrared heaters, the wavelength emitted determines the rate of energy (heat) absorption and therefore, the level of efficiency. Because of the specific far infrared wavelength produced by the BioSmart heaters, more of the heat is retained and absorbed into the room before escaping to the outside. You feel warmer and more comfortable at a lower temperature because your body is absorbing the heat quickly. In summary, it’s easy to understand why an infrared heater producing more heat in the optimal wavelength of 4-12 microns will be much more energy efficient than one producing heat, say in the 50-400 micron range, which is typical of a PTC plate infrared heater.

Being energy efficient while producing comforting therapeutic heat is what BioSmart Far Infrared heaters are all about!