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Advantages of BioSmart Infrared

All heaters generate infrared heat. In other words, all radiant heat is infrared heat.

Therapeutic infrared heat is infrared heat that targets the 4-12 micron range of wavelengths because these wavelengths are most easily absorbed by water which is what the human body is primarily composed of. Measuring these wavelengths directly is virtually impossible with known types of equipment because these wavelengths approach the speed of light.

Infrared heat waves can be measured indirectly by measuring the rate of absorption (heat rise) in water and other objects over a time period.
No legitimate manufacture can actually place a percentage on the waves falling into this narrow 4-12 micron category since the figure cannot be verified with conventional test instruments. Instead, indirect methods are used by using comparative analysis to calculate the efficiency of the heater. (See graph below)

The easiest way to detect the wavelength of Infrared heaters is to determine the rate of absorption of the heat into specific objects and then compare the rate of absorption for various heaters to determine which ones are the most efficient. Below is a comparative performance evaluation of various heaters with BioSmart heaters.

What BioSmart claims is that the heat generated by our heaters is absorbed more quickly by the objects and people in the room which proves its superior efficiency at converting electricity to useable infrared energy. Look at the chart below to see how BioSmart infrared heaters perform when measured against conventional infrared heaters or wall panels.

graph showing that BioSmart heaters reach 75F nearly 70% faster than some other hears