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Infrared Blankets

Announcing the BioSmart Far Infrared Blanket

The BioSmart Infrared Blanket is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced or thought an electric blanket was supposed to be.

BioSmart Technology

The BioSmart electric blanket is a low-voltage DC Far Infrared Blanket. It generates infrared waves that may not feel very warm to the touch but actually warm the body from the inside out. This is the same technology being used in the most advanced infrared therapies and infrared saunas. The numerous therapeutic benefits derived from infrared therapy have been well documented and that is why so many Doctors, Naturopaths, and Health Care Professionals recommend infrared therapy for their patients. See our VIDEO to learn more.

Unlike conventional AC electric blankets that generate random wavelengths of radiant heat (which feel hot to the touch), the BioSmart infrared blanket is designed to generate internal body heat to compensate and supplement the body’s own production of far infrared energy. This promotes a deeper more restful sleep pattern.

Dozens of studies have shown that supplemental Far Infrared waves increase efficiency of the body’s own metabolic processes, allowing the body to re-generate and repair itself.

The healthiest infrared wavelengths are those generated in the 6-12 micron range. Though the blanket may feel only mildly warm, the energy that this blanket produces is converted to heat inside the body to support its own metabolic processes. This life-sustaining energy is the same energy emitted by the sun that warms the earth and every creature on it.

This patented technology was developed to overcome the misgivings and environmental hazards associated with conventional electric blankets and mattress pads. The BioSmart infrared blanket is both safe and economical to use, saving as much as 50% in energy costs over conventional electric blankets.

Review the benefits and compare our BioSmart blanket to any other electric blanket on the market and we know you will agree, it’s the best investment money can buy if you want a good night’s sleep on those cold winter nights.

Why should you choose a BioSmart Infrared blanket to keep you warm this winter?

Did you know that when the weather turns cold and the temperature in your bedroom is lower, your body has to increase its own production of far infrared waves during sleep to maintain your metabolic processes. As you drift off to sleep, though, your internal body temperature drops off, sometimes by as much as four (4) degrees (especially as you get older)! In order to maintain optimum health, medical studies show that maintaining optimum body temperature during the sleep cycle substantially enhances the quality of your sleep. That is why we recommend supplementing and enhancing your body’s own natural far infrared energy with a BioSmart Far Infrared Blanket.

The beneficial effects of sleeping under a BioSmart infrared blanket are numerous and should be experienced by everyone. Far infrared waves in the 6-12 micron range are therapeutic. The Infrared wavelengths produced by the BioSmart blanket enhance the body’s own metabolic processes during your sleep cycle. While the blanket may appear cooler to the touch, the infrared waves that it produces are absorbed quickly by the body thereby maintaining your metabolic processes at optimum levels during sleep. The BioSmart Infrared Blanket is perfectly safe, its compatible with your body’s own metabolism, and it’s the closest thing to nature for getting a good night’s sleep.

Special Features

The BioSmart infrared blanket is equipped with the latest temperature control technology. This system monitors the blanket’s functions and the body’s heat production. The digital remote control provides you with information regarding the blanket’s complete operations on a digital “easy to read” screen that offers you complete fingertip control over your preferences with only 1-2 key-strokes.

The BioSmart infrared blanket features a patented remote control that eliminates the bulky electrical wires running from the blanket to the night stand. This also eliminates potential tripping hazards in the dark or in the middle of the night.

The digital remote features 10 comfort settings and a timer for precise blanket operation. The well-lit display screen allows for easy viewing and changes can be made in the dark with the push of a single button. Unlike other electric blankets, the DC wiring configuration in the BioSmart blanket is virtually undetectable. “You can’t feel a thing” – which is as it should be. That makes the blanket ideal for year round comfort with or without the supplemental power supply.

Note: Some people prefer more blanket weight for comfort and this can be accomplished by adding an additional blanket or duvet on top of the infrared blanket and then reducing the comfort setting on the infrared blanket to match the thermal properties of the infrared blanket plus the additional covers. The blanket will monitor the total temperature and adjust to maintain your comfort setting by taking into consideration the additional insulation you have placed over the top of the blanket.

What is most incredible about the blanket is the fact that even in the coldest weather, you will find that you don’t need to pile on extra blankets to capture the warmth generated from your BioSmart blanket. The blanket is composed of multiple layers of proprietary patented materials that retain the far infrared waves generated by the blanket, which in turn penetrate the human body by as much as 6 inches.

Your Health is Important

It is a well-known fact that conventional AC (alternating current) electric blankets create harmful electromagnetic waves and interfere with your body’s own electrical fields. According to the FDA, the EPA, and the World Health Organization (WHO), conventional AC electric blankets pose potential health hazards and safety issues. On the other hand, the BioSmart infrared blanket operates on pulsed DC (direct current) which does not produce harmful electromagnetic fields while you sleep. Most importantly, the BioSmart infrared blanket does not interfere with brain wave functions during Theta or Delta sleep cycle.

The human body will only absorb infrared wavelengths in the 6-12 micron range. Conventional electric blankets feel noticeably hot to the touch and become uncomfortable very quickly because they are generating other wavelengths of infrared that are not absorbed by the human body. The body reflects this waves. That is because shorter wavelengths of infrared are not easily absorbed by the body, therefore the body resists absorption of the heat. Infrared waves in far infrared wavelengths of 6-12 microns do not produce these uncomfortable sensations. That is why some people refuse to sleep under a conventional electric blanket.

We hope you decide to try the comfort and therapeutic advantages of using a BioSmart DC Infrared blanket. You can feel the difference. One night’s sleep will convince you that your purchase of this amazing technology was a wise investment. Know that you are saving money as well, while you sleep under the most comfortable therapeutic blanket that “BioSmart Technology” has to offer.

We will be updating our site with information regarding the science behind far infrared technology, clinical studies, and the applications of far infrared therapy soon.