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    Gay Shane
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David Armas – CANADA

We got our Mom’s BioSmart® heater all fired up and it’s SO warm! Her place was freezing!! With a capital F! She has all hardwood floors, and all these shutters that she keeps closed, so it’s like a freezing stone in here. So we’ve forcing her to turn it on and use it. She’s all worried about the electricity, but we keep assuring her it’s not going to cost her like her big grey portable heater does. You know, one of those store bought specials that doesn’t pump out heat and costs a fortune to turn on. Anyway it’s finally warm and cozy in here and our teeth aren’t chattering anymore.

And It’s SO powerful…I can tell the technology has been upgraded, and it’s smaller too. It starts pumping heat right away and within half an hour it’s all toasted up and it’s a big place! So thanks again for your awesome heater. It really makes a difference here.

David Armas - CANADA