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LED Lighting

BioSmart Commercial Bay-Light

The BioSmart 90-150W LED high bay light is designed for industrial or commercial applications where reliability and performance are important while budget is also a factor.

Every component of the BioSmart LED high bay has been carefully engineered to provide reliable performance and bring across many benefits of utilizing solid state lighting technology in commercial applications.

Most BioSmart LED lights are CE and RoHS compliant, UL and DLC listed, as well as AIA approved and recommended.

Features and Benefits of BioSmart LED lighting

  • Advanced technology with thin (3/4″) troffers.
  • Dramatic energy savings
  • Flexible voltage otions: 100-240 volts AC.
  • Broad spectrum light; warm or daylight
  • Adaptations for existing or new construction.
  • Flexible design potentials.
  • Portable or permanent installation.
  • Minimal installation costs.
  • Long life
  • Energy credit subsidies on some models.

led lighting bay light

Technical Specifications

  • As high as 100 watt/lumen
  • 120-240 volt options
  • 18,000 lumins
  • Power efficiency ≥ 90%
  • HID replacements for 250-400 watt
    • 250 watt HID replacement: 150 watt/14,000 lumen LED
    • 400 watt HID replacement: 180 watt/18,000 lumen LED

led lighting bay light


  • Patented modular design
  • Modular components results in up to 80% fewer repair costs
  • Multiple mounting options, including chain or pole
  • Weatherproof outdoor bay and street-lights available
  • Back-light available: up to 12%

led lighting applications


  • Municipal Lighting
  • Parking Structure Lighting
  • Factory & Warehouse Lighting
  • Commercial Facilites Lighting
  • Gym Lighting

led lighting lifetime warranty

Life and Warranty

  • 5 year warranty-60,000 hours
  • Service life-25 years

led lighting certificates recommendations

Certificates and Recommendations

  • UL listed
  • DLC – some models
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • AIA approved and recommended
  • ISO Certified factory