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Wall Infrared Heater Technology

Copper Heat Chamber

There are a number of reasons for using copper in the BioSmart® infrared On-Wall heater, which we have adequately demonstrated in our U.S. patent applications. One of the most significant is the ability of the copper alloy to modulate the frequency (wave length) of the infrared heat waves. As the infrared waves pass over the copper plates in the air flow chamber of the heater, they are modulated into the optimum far-infrared range. This is the ideal wave length range for infrared heat that provides optimum penetration and absorption and also produces the most therapeutic effects.


ceramic infrared emittersCeramic infrared emitters have been proven and used in industrial applications to be the most efficient source of heat production for manufacturing processes. Because the heat is generated directly at the source where it is required, there is no heat loss through a series of ducts or through a heat exchanger as there is when using other types of heating systems. In residential applications, there is the added benefit of using the BioSmart® On-Wall heater to provide zoned heat to only the specific areas that require heat rather than heating the entire living space. There is also the advantage of not having to worry about mold or bacterial and viral contamination entering the room through ductwork of a forced air furnace (HVAC) system. If you have environmental allergies this should be a major issue to consider in selecting a heating system for your home. In addition, infrared heat does not dry out the air like conventional heating systems, making it much healthier for your respiratory passages and skin.

Biosmart Far Infrared Graph


BioSmart® On-Wall infrared heaters have been designed so that each and every component can be removed independently from the unit and serviced. There is no need to ever replace the entire unit because each component is easily serviceable and available. The internal components are designed to last a minimum of 20 years and the housing and air-flow chamber are built to last a life-time. Without complicated heat exchangers and the duct work that is an integral part of conventional furnaces, the maintenance on the BioSmart® On-Wall heating system is virtually insignificant compared to these other systems.

Ceramic On-Wall Infrared Emitters

The ceramic infrared emitters (ceramic plates) in BioSmart® On-Wall heaters are specially designed for efficacy and safety and are currently patent pending. The density and thickness of the ceramic plate as well as the coating on the plate play a large role in determining the characteristics of the infrared heat emissions coming off of the plate.

During the past 50 years, ceramic emitters have been used as the preferred type of infrared radiation for industrial applications, mainly because they are much more efficient than other types of infrared heat sources. Ceramic emitters are also used extensively in Europe for residential wall-mounted systems to provide localized space heating.

The drawback to other infrared heater designs is that the emitters are exposed in such a way that they allow direct exposure to the infrared radiant waves, which in some cases can be dangerous if you get too close. You can suffer from radiant burns from the heat waves emitted from these types of heaters if you get too close to the exposed heater elements. In the BioSmart® On-Wall heaters, we have overcome this problem by creating a housing that does not directly expose the infrared ceramic plates, but diffuses the heat from the plates through diverting it through an air-flow channel and using a whisper quiet fan circulates the air for more efficient and safe heating of a larger area.

While you don’t get instant heat with ceramic infrared emitters, the heat that is generated once the emitter attains its optimum operating temperature is very focused and intense. Ceramic infrared emitters produce a superior far infrared wavelength because of the uniform large mass of the ceramic element itself. The far infrared waves can be aimed in a specific direction or diverted through an air-flow channel and diffused into the room, as in the case of the BioSmart® infrared On-Wall heater. Our On-Wall heater can heat a larger area and eliminate the danger of direct heat exposure.

ctuvusThe design of the air-flow channel in the BioSmart® On-Wall heaters is the first to be approved by TUV for U.S. distribution and is the first of its kind to be approved for the European market.

Only BioSmart® On-Wall heaters overcome the negative factors, and emphasize all of the benefits, of utilizing a ceramic emitter to produce far infrared heat!