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Compare Portable Infrared Heaters

Why is BioSmart® the Most Advanced Infrared Heater in the World?

That’s the added value of a BioSmart®, the world's best far infrared heater, offered at a competitive price.

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BioSmart vs Bargain Heaters

To give you an idea of why our far infrared heaters average $50-$75 more than the “bargain basement” variety of infrared heater, let us give you an idea of what you don’t get with a bargain basement infrared heater.

Our Standard Model Features:

  • Full-function, easy to understand LED control panel with heavy duty electronic relays.
  • Remote Control
  • Delayed Start feature – This feature allows you to go to work and have the heater automatically turn on just prior to arriving home, thereby saving you from heating up your room unnecessarily while gone or from coming home to a cold house
  • Copper-lined panels inside the heat exchanger that regulate and optimize the infrared wave pattern for maximum absorption in the room
  • The largest, most efficient, longest-life infrared tubes on the market
  • Minimal noise levels – We pioneered the laminar flow fan technology to replace the various axial fan systems in previous heaters versions of infrared heaters which were noisier
  • BioSmart infrared heaters have a more accurate thermostat than the previous mechanical thermostats that are used on cheaper heaters.  All BioSmart infrared heaters use an elaborate electronic thermostat that is good to one degree up or down compared to the 6 – 8 degree spread that is the normal operating range of mechanical thermostats and cheaper electronic thermostats.
  • BioSmart heaters also have a full digital temperature display so you know exactly what temperature you are setting the heater at and the range is from 37-86 °F for a wide variety of applications.  Most IR heaters on the market only have a range of 60-80 °F and some have no visible read-out so you have no idea what temperature the heater is set at.
  • Serviceability –  One of the most important features of a BioSmart infrared heater is its serviceability and availability of parts. The BioSmart is not a throw-away heater.  It is designed to be maintained and cared for in the years to come so when something does need to be replaced you know that the parts will be on your doorstep very quickly and the time to replace the part, no matter which part, is usually less than 10 minutes simply with the use of a screwdriver
  • Customer support lines – Customers support is readily available to help you diagnose any problem or answer any question that you may have about your heater
  • We were the first to actually put some styling into our heaters and move away from the out-dated and unattractive “box furnace” look. Why can’t you have styling, compact design and good looks all in the same heater? We think you can.

Our Breathe Easy Edition far infrared heaters have an additional 4-stage (and an optional 5th-stage) air purification system for an unbeatable heater/air purifier combo.