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BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 Air Purifiers Offer Unparalleled Performance.

Before you buy an Oreck Tower or Oreck ProShield air purifier, compare the BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 for yourself.

The BioSmart® air purifier offers more technologies, more capacity, and cleans your air nearly three times as fast (under 11 minutes for a 20X20 room)! Quite simply, no other air purifier offers all the features of the BioSmart® air purifier for anywhere near the price.

Learn how this remarkable development in air purification technology can offer you significant protection from dangerous airborne threats…

What do we mean when we say full-featured design? Most high-quality air purifiers on the market today feature one or two effective air purification technologies. This creates a unit that performs strongly, but is limited to the capabilities of those specific technologies. We, on the other hand, designed the BioSmart® SA-700 air purifier with all of the following powerful and proven technologies:

  • Ultraviolet emitter with correct 254nm wavelength outperforms competing bulbs.
  • Switchable 8 million anion generator delivers maximum negative ionization for fresher air.
  • 99.9% 0.1 micron HEPA is superior to 0.3 micron filters used by other companies.
  • Hydroxyl Radical Ti02 photo-catalyst membrane outperforms ozone without the risk.
  • BioSmart® filter cartridge has over 4 pounds of solid carbon, not thin fibers like others.
  • Powerful scroll-style fan is the quietest in its class, even at full rated output.

By combining so many of the most advanced and effective methods of air purification, the BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 is a more comprehensive and capable unit than others on the market. The unique characteristics of each of the five filtration stages compliment and reinforce each other in a manner that cannot be equalled by merely focusing on one or two methods alone. Extremely broad capability, tremendous effectiveness, and ease of use are the highlights of this balanced design approach, making the BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 the best possible choice among all room air purifiers in its class. And speaking of class, you simply won’t find another air purifier with all these technologies at anywhere near this price, which effectively puts the BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 in a class by itself!

When you consider the amazing filtration capabilities of the BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 air purifier combined with its suite of advanced yet simple controls, attractive appearance, and energy-efficient design, we believe you will recognize the outstanding and unmatched value of this unit in comparison to the rest of the marketplace.