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Health Benefits of Infrared Blankets

The BioSmart Infared Blanket was designed not only to be comfortable, but also to deliver safe and therapeautif heat in a way that is consistant with how your body works naturally and therby promotes higher quality sleep.

Studies show that sleep deprivation is the number one suspected reason for premature aging. Additionaly, as you get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for your body to rejuvenate properly during sleep, and this can dramatically affect your health. Recent studies have also found that by raising the core body-temperature by just 1/2 degree, the sleep-cycle of elderly people was dramatically improved.

Organs-GlowingInternal organs benefiting from heat provided by Infrared

As you drift off to sleep, your outer ‘shell’ body-temperature drops by as much as 4 degrees in the first 2 hours. Consequently, if your inner ‘core’ body-temperature varies by just 1/2 degree, it can compromise your metabolic functions and dramatically reduce your quality of sleep. To counter this, the BioSmart Infrared Blanket contains temperature sensors that measure both body and blanket temperature during the night and supplement it, when necessary, with additional infrared heat.Your body generates infrared heat constantly in order to maintain its metabolic functions. Infrared waves in the 4-12 micron range are absorbed readily by your body and help support the metabolic functions of your internal organs by increasing your circulation and cardiovascular functions. The BioSmart Infrared Blanket duplicates these infrared wave patterns with a unique patented layering system contained within the blanket itself, providing natural, therapeutic heat.

No other blanket regulates the amount of infrared heat that it produces by measuring your body temperature throughout the night. This enables your body to carry on its metabolic processes to its maximum efficiency. With a BioSmart Far-Infrared Blanket you can assure yourself of a safe, therapeutic good night’s sleep.