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Air Purification Technology

BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 Air Purifiers Offer Unparalleled Performance

Before you buy an Oreck Tower or Oreck ProShield air purifier, compare the BioSmart® SA-5 Model 700 for yourself. The BioSmart® air purifier offers more technologies, more capacity, and cleans your air nearly three times as fast (under 11 minutes for a 20X20 room)! Quite simply, no other air purifier offers all the features of the BioSmart® air purifier for anywhere near the price.

Passive Electrostatic Pre-Filter:

This simple filter is one of the most critical steps in the filtration sequence because it removes the burden of larger airborne particles from the other filter stages. This extends the life of the HEPA and Carbon filters, which are more costly to manufacture and replace. The SA-5 model 700’s pre-filter is constructed of fibers that build a static charge as air moves through it, causing a powerful attraction to dust, hair, pollen, and other airborne materials. The pre-filter can be removed and cleaned easily and will last through the unit’s lifespan.

99.9 % Efficient, 0.1 Micron HEPA:

A popular and proven technology, the industrial grade HEPA filter in the SA-5 model 700 effectively removes most contaminants from your air. This technology is only as effective as the type of HEPA material used, and not all HEPA fabrics are equal in performance. The HEPA material used in the SA-5 model 700 is the best available, and is rated to trap particles as small as 0.1 microns in size at 99.99%  efficiency, outperforming other HEPA filters on the market.

Bio-Smart® Hydrophobic Activated Carbon Filter:

Activated Carbon is a micro-porous material which is used in many types of filtration systems because of its effectiveness at removing a wide variety of dangerous contaminants. Due to the tremendous surface area of activated carbon, it has the ability to filter out gaseous pollutants, volatile organic compounds, and hydrocarbons. Because of its porous composition, the carbon in the SA-5 model 700 has over a square kilometer of surface area! This creates countless bonding sites for contaminants to attach through a chemical attraction process called “adsorption”, which safely and permanently removes them from your air.

Moisture present in the air can negatively affect the performance of ordinary carbon filters, which is why the Bio-Smart® carbon filter in the SA-5 model 700 is treated in a special process to make it moisture-resistant, or “hydrophobic”. Other carbon filters lacking this feature will saturate with water and rapidly become less effective at removing airborne contaminants. The Bio-Smart® carbon filter is one of the highest quality carbon filters available, containing over 4 pounds of solid activated carbon, unlike other filters on the market that use a dust coating or a small quantity of granules.

Ultraviolet Emitter:

The SA-5 model 700 uses a powerful Ultraviolet emitter in multiple beneficial ways:

  • The UV light purifies the air passing through the system by destroying organic contaminants on contact. Ultraviolet light is destructive to living cells and organic substances, and is deadly to airborne contaminants like bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, pollen, and other organic allergens.
  • The UV energy also sanitizes internal surfaces of the SA-5 model 700 air purifier. This helps prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside the unit and further contaminating your air.
  • The UV light acts as a photo-catalyst on the Ti02 membrane, causing the release of Hydroxyl Radical particles. Hydroxyl Radicals are a tremendously powerful air purification technology effective against many types of organic and chemical pollution.

Ti02 Hydroxyl Radical Technology:

Ti02 (titanium dioxide), a common and inert substance, creates powerful Hydroxyl Radicals when exposed to ultraviolet light. Hydroxyl Radicals exist naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere, and play an important part in eliminating greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds. They can do the same in your home. Hydroxyl Radicals work by oxidizing pollutants in a manner similar to ozone. They are even more effective, but are much safer than ozone, which can damage lung tissue.

The Hydroxyl Radical technology of the SA-5 model 700 air purifier offers your home tremendous air purification without the potential health risks associated with ozone. Your air purifier should be the last place you could expect to find a risk of lung damage!

Anion Generator:

Negatively charged ions (Anions) attach themselves to airborne particles and cause them to fall out of the air. This provides relief for your sinuses and nasal passages, and makes the particles easy to remove from your environment by simply using your vacuum cleaner. Negative ions occur naturally in high quantities around moving water, such as beaches and waterfalls, and create a sense of freshness in the air when inhaled. There are numerous other documented benefits to negative ions, including improvements in lung function, and many companies sell less powerful anion generators as standalone devices for hundreds of dollars! This feature is also switchable, to provide you with the most flexible air cleansing options possible.

SmartSensor Technology:

The SA-5 model 700 features a computer-controlled particulate detector which can determine an increase in pollution particles in your room, and compensate by automatically adjusting its own settings. When in this mode, you can rest assured that the unit will operate intelligently without input from you, increasing its performance as needed to match your changing environment throughout the day.  It is automatic set-and-forget protection for you and your family.